Black beans and rice with fried plantains and queso fresco


I made this meal for dinner last night and I foresee it becoming a staple of my newly vegetarian diet. It’s so simple, delicious, and very cheap. It’s also very quick to make, which is always a definite plus for me.

black beans and plantains 


2 ripe plantains

2 cups uncooked rice

4 cups water

tsp of salt

1 can of black beans, drained

queso fresco

vegetable or coconut oil



1. Cook rice, water, black beans and salt in a rice maker or in a covered pot on the stove. I use a rice maker so it automatically shuts off when done.

2. Slice plantains and fry over medium-high heat in vegetable or coconut oil. They should start to slightly brown.

Serve the rice and beans in a bowl with the fried plantains and slices of queso fresco on top.